All of us from GM Group are thankful the purchase that you’ve made with us. For you to obtain further information with regard to your rights and obligations as a customer, please read below our policy and terms and conditions with regard to the services that we provide to you.

With every client that we have, we make sure that we provide the best quality service that we can give to meet your expectations (and even exceed them) that you have in our company and as what is specified in the service description.

However, if there is any reason that happens to occur (except Force Majeure or any event that is out of our control, such as flood, fire, earthquake, riots, power/internet interruption, technical glitch, hacking, etc.) that we cannot provide you the service that you have paid for, you are entitled for a refund, which then will be in accordance with certain points below that discuss the terms and conditions:

  • Your request for a refund will be considered only if there is lacking or insufficiency with the service that GM Group has provided.
  • Your request for a refund when you have paid for a service and has a change of mind because you do not require the service anymore will not be considered because there is no defect on the part of GM Group in rendering its services to you and there is not insufficiency in the service provided itself.
  • Your request for a refund because you have changed your mind will not be acknowledged when there has been work that’s been conducted. Regardless, we will offer you an alternative of using the same amount paid in choosing another service by GM Group that has the same price as the previous one.
  • Your request for a refund that is filed 30 days after availing a service and the rendering of the said service has been completed by GM Group will be deemed as an invalid refund request.
  • Your request for a refund that’s been approved by GM Group will be processed and sent to you through email. The processing of the refund will take a minimum of 15 business days. We assure you that the refund process will be handled scrutiny, ensuring that your money is returned to you as soon as possible.


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